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March 2013: METMOTEC launches its ‘ENDURANCE range of modem systems for meters and instruments in harsh environments. See:;

March 2013: New compact surge protectors are made available from METMOTEC for GSM antennas and PSTN lines that help modems to survive lightning strikes. These devices are especially useful in mountain and tropical zones where lightning strikes to telecommunication networks are common, and destructive of connected modems and terminals. Surge protection is a high priority for telemetry systems reporting vital events such as flood warnings.

April 2014: METMOTEC launches Version 2 of its ‘ENDURANCE Modem Systems’ in a new, easy to install, weatherproof housing for outdoor telemetry systems and hard-to-read meters. The product has the option of battery packs for use in applications with no local mains power. See:;

April 2014: METMOTEC announces its ‘LONGRANGER’ antenna for GSM/GPRS modems. LONGRANGER is designed for outdoor installation in most extreme weather environments and is waterproof to IP67. It has a stainless steel mounting bracket for outdoor use and can be high mounted using a 5-metre length cable (included) to enable improved network contact in areas with low network signal strength. Various modem connector types are available on the cable.

January 2015: METMOTEC launches a comprehensive range of high quality but low priced infra-red and visible-spectrum optical probes for meters. These optical probe interface cables are available according to European IEC62056-21, USA ANSI C12.18, and PACT standards. Optical probes provide an easy-connect means for reading many types of utility meter. The probes are available with connectors for use on computers for local meter reading (examples include lap-top PCs, and hand held computers from Honeywell, Motorola and Husky amongst others). The range includes the company’s ‘STRONGHOLD’ probe (IEC standard only) allowing secure and permanent attachment of meters to modems and LANs in networks of meters used in energy management (also known as monitoring and management applications or ‘aM&T’).

January 2015: METMOTEC launches handheld Cellular Signal Testers that assist in rapid and effective installation of modems. These SIM-free devices identify all available networks and their signal strength. Two models support 2G GSM worldwide operation on 850/900/1800/1900 MHz wavebands while the second model also supports 3G/UMTS for European Union operation on 900/2100 MHz wavebands.

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