METMOTEC offers the following Local Area Netowrks (LANs) that are designed specifically for I&C electricity meters but with potential application on other industrial terminal types with RS232 ports.

RS 485 Local Communication System

This system is based on individual PCB adapters that connect to a meter’s RS232 port and provide RS232/485 conversion and breakout to an RS485 network of many meters connected to a single modem or computer. Key features:

  • ‘Daisy chains’ up to 255 meters
  • Can connect meter or terminal to a distant modem (up to 100 metres depending on safety conditions)
  • Individual RS232/RS485 adapters easily chained using CAT5 Ethernet cables up to 1km total (see Ethernet Cables section, below)
  • Meter port powered and externally powered versions
  • Very low power consumption – network can be powered from any one meter or AC/DC power adapter
  • Supports different meter models on same network
  • Plug and play, no set up required
  • High reliability
  • Adapters available as standard are for meters with RS232 9 or 25 pin D-sub connectors. Flying lead versions of the adapter can connect to RS232 ports via RJ11/12 and RJ45. Among meters that can use these adapters are:
    • Elster Metering: A1700
    • Elster/ABB: Alpha Meter (Sweden/Russia)
    • Itron: ACE6000
    • Itron: ACE7000
    • Secure Meters/PRI: Premier Meter
    • Actaris/Schlumberger: Indigo+
    • Ampy/Ampy-Email/Landis+Gyr: Certain meter models – consult us for details
    • Cewe: Prometer W (with meter RS232 port option)
    • GEC/ABB: PPM Poly-Phase Meter
RS232/RS485 converter adapters connect many meters to one modem via an RS485 network
RS232/RS485 converter adapters connect many meters to one modem via an RS485 network

Consult with METMOTEC for other meters that might be supported.

‘TERMINETOR’ Serial to Ethernet Adapters

METMOTEC’s proprietary ‘TERMINETOR’ adapters connect I&C electricity meters to industrial Ethernets and provide local connection to meter reading systems. They enable creation of large networks of remotely readable meters either on local-only Ethernets, or through routers to the Internet, they thus represent an economic alternative to using GSM modems to access many individual meters at a single site. Key features:

  • 10Base T / 100Base TX Ethernet PHY Embedded
  • Auto-Negotiation (Full & Half Duplex)
  • Hardwired TCP/IP protocols – TCP, UDP, ICMP, IPv4, ARP, IGMP, PPPoE – provides high security
  • 25 pin D-sub (F) connector standard
  • Serial signals: TXD, RXD, RTS, CTS, GND
  • Max.230kbps serial speed
  • Supports AT command & configuration
  • Configuration tool program operates on Windows, Linux & MAC OS
  • Non-volatile memory for settings
  • Small size and ‘pocket modem’ format
  • Low priced
  • Very high reliability – based on proven Ethernet modules
  • Highly secure – Un-attackable hardware network engine for preventing network attacks such as flooding, spoofing, injection
  • Low power consumption <154mA, 3.3V internal (500 mW approx)
  • Power down & wake-on LAN over UDP
  • 5V to 14VDC input
  • Uses meter port DC power supply
  • External DC power option
  • Ethernet connection cables (CAT5 – straight-thru) available in straight and left or right RJ45 connector formats

METMOTEC’s low power Ethernet adapter connects meters with an RS232 port to a local Ethernet network
METMOTEC’s low power Ethernet adapter connects meters with an RS232 port to a local Ethernet network

Ethernet Cables

METMOTEC supplies high quality CAT5E ‘Ethernet’ cables supplied in custom lengths and terminated with a choice of RJ45 connector formats. These can be supplied for use with METMOTEC’s LAN products (above) or for general use on other products.

  • CAT5E (Enhanced) 350MHz Ethernet cable
  • Sheaths: PVC or Plenum-rated,
  • STP (shielded twisted pair) only – no UTP (unshielded twisted pair)
  • Lengths available: Any length from 1 foot (30 cms) to 300 feet (90 metres approx)
  • Choice of RJ45 connector formats – straight, left, right, up or down

Contact Us for budgetary pricing and delivery times.

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